What are the AvA Actions?

AvA actions are the other half of the core AvA system. While the nine actions in AvA contain the same names at PtP or Adventure actions, their effects are different. An attacking player chooses which subregion to perform an action in. The attacker’s camp (if any) in that subregion is used, and the defender’s camp (if any) in that subregion is used. Actions may be launched even if there is no camp in that subregion. If there is no camp, the action fails to provide a benefit or detriment. Each action in AvA does the following:

Fight damages the loser’s camp. If the attacker wins, the defender’s camp is damaged. If the defender wins, the attacker’s camp is damaged. If the attacker has no camp, then losing a fight attack damages nothing.

Harass depletes the silver contributed to a camp. Along with items, silver is required to upgrade a camp to the next level. Harass depletes this silver.

Aid repairs the target camp. A failed aid repairs 1% damage. A successful aid repairs 2% damage.

Barter contributes silver to both the attacker’s camp and the defender’s camp.

Swindle on success contributes silver to the attacker’s camp and damages the defender’s camp. Swindle on failure contributes silver to the defender’s camp and damages the attacker’s camp.

Bribe speeds up the time it takes to complete a camp’s upgrade from one level to the next.

Spy reveals detailed information about a subregion’s camp for the Alliance you’re taking action against. Spy information is a snapshot of what the camp was like at the spy action, so you’ll need to repeatedly send them out to gather real-time information.

Sabotage deals 1% damage to the defender’s camp on a successful attack, and 0% damage on an unsuccessful attack.

Steal depletes silver from the defender’s camp and contributes that depleted silver to the attacker’s camp.

Your actions benefit from the bonuses of your camp in that subregion. For example, a Level 20 Fight camp in The Neck would contribute a bonus 400 Battle stat and 40% bonus to Fight actions towards camps in The Neck and The Neck only. Other Fight attacks in other subregions would not benefit from those benefits.

Each AvA action contributes VP upon success. The amount of VP granted to the victor varies on several factors, including the level of the attacker’s camp, the level of the defender’s camp, and the type of action. Successful defense also contributes VP, but not nearly as much as successful attacks.

The time it takes to complete an AvA action depends on how many AvA participants you have in your Alliance. As a small Alliance, AvA actions take an hour to complete. As your Alliance grows in size, logistics become complicated and AvA actions take longer, until they take two hours to complete for an Alliance with 500 AvA participants. Special seals, talents, and buildings may decrease the completion time for AvA actions, but AvA actions cannot complete faster than 30 minutes per action. You cannot use gold speed-up items to speed up AvA actions.

AvA actions complete in real-time, whether you are logged in or not. Spoils and other items are automatically added to your inventory as AvA actions complete. You may send out as many AvA actions as you have Command Points and Sworn Swords.

AvA actions are locked once a phase ends, though any actions sent out before the phase ends will he allowed to complete.

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