What are AvA Victory Points?

As Power drives ranking for your character, Victory Points drive ranking for AvA. Victory Points are acquired from two main sources:

Camp Bonuses, both the static bonus and the hourly bonus.

AvA Actions, including all nine actions you may help or hinder with.

Please note that a 10 level difference or greater generally provides no VP to the defender.


VP is a fluid number that changes over time. As AvA actions complete, camps are built, and hourly VP is calculated from camps, VP can change every minute, or every second. Many of the largest Alliances launch thousands of attacks per hour, which can drastically change the leaderboards in the span of a day. Competing Alliances should keep a close eye on the leaderboards to see who is coming close to their position.

VP is tracked on the Alliance AvA leaderboards, which may be viewed on the Alliance screen, in the War Map tab. The War Map is a dynamic listing of all Alliances who have VP in each of the six regions, as well as the overall VP rankings. Players may paginate through the rankings or view themselves and the top of the board.

VP is wiped at the beginning of a new phase. All Alliances begin with 0 VP at the start of a new phase.

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