What are AvA Spoils?

Spoils are a special type of item that are used in camp upgrades as well as Alliance challenges. Spoils only drop from AvA actions, and only drop in the same subregion where your Alliance has a camp that provides a chance of gaining spoils. That is because a camp’s stats have a stat called “Superior Reward Chance.” Camps beyond Level 0 grant a chance to drop superior rewards, which include spoils, when attacks are done in that subregion.

Spoils are phase-specific. When a new phase begins, camps and Alliance challenges will switch to require the new phase’s spoils. Soils from the previous phase may be converted into the new phase’s spoils at the Alchemist’s Guild, at a 3:1 ratio. Any spoils that have already been contributed to Alliance challenges or camps will be unaffected.

Spoils are broken down into the nine action types. Each camp specialization will require spoils from that action type. For example, a camp specializing in Barter will require spoils from Barter actions, while a camp specializing in Fight will require spoils from Fight actions. To gain these spoils, you must upgrade a camp beyond Level 0, and perform actions of that type in the subregion the camp is in.

Spoils may be sold in the Shop for silver if they cannot be used anymore.

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