What can I do about someone harassing me in the game?

From time to time we get a complaint (or many complaints) about a player harassing them in the game through Ravens, or outside the game in Kong or FB chat, FB messages or other methods.

Here are some steps you can take to keep yourself both safe and sane:

1. DO NOT RESPOND or retaliate against this person. There are several reasons you should not reply when someone is trying to harass you. a) if you report the person, the logs of your conversations in GoTA, on Kong or on FB will show what you say in return. A back and forth is not enough to have someone banned from the service, and may even get yourself banned as the player can report you in turn. b) if you respond, you’re giving the player the negative attention they’re so desperately seeking and they’ll continue to target you. c) if you do not respond, they’ll get bored and go looking for a new victim (or even new game).

2. DO REPORT the player. If the harassment happened in Kongregate Chat, Facebook Chat or Facebook PM, send the report to Kongregate or Facebook, with as much detail and proof as you can gather. If the harassment happens within GoTA, in chat or ravens, send us a ticket through http://support.disruptorbeam.com and calmly tell us the player’s name / character name and the specifics of what was said, and where. If you have screenshots that will help. We cannot help you if the harassment occurs outside our game as we have no real proof and we are not responsible for enforcing behaviour outside the game itself.

3. DO TRY TO ASSESS the situation thoroughly and determine if the other player is truly trying to harass you personally, or is role-playing within the game or even the ‘meta’ game through their character. We run a game about Westeros, remember, which is filled with vile characters. But it is still a game. If you or someone you know feels harassed, take a moment to put yourself in the other player’s shoes and determine if maybe they’re just trying to have some fun by role-playing. Try to have some thicker skin as you play and remember what GRRM would do.

We will never take harassment, threats or vile behaviour toward our players lightly. But we also hope our players never take the role-playing too seriously.

Thanks, everyone.

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