Clear and Concise Rules for Playing GoTA

Don’t cheat.

Don’t share your account information.

Don’t use scripts, extensions, macros, or external links that provide an unfair advantage over others.

Don’t modify the game code or abuse bugs.

Don’t create alt accounts to boost your main account or Alliance.

Don’t harass other players through ravens, Alliance chat, or the forums.

Remember to be respectful of other players and the development team.

HAVE FUN! While we play The Game of Thrones in the game, outside of it we’re all human and are trying to have fun within Game of Thrones Ascent.

We don’t like banning people. It is a lot of work and no one is happy when we do it. Please save us the time and yourself the pain of being banned, and follow these rules.

These aren’t the only things we can take action on. A full list of the things we can ban you for can be found here:

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