What Is Reincarnation, And Why Would I Do It?

What is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation is a way to restart your character and begin life again as a new character. Reincarnation does the following:

  1. Returns your character to character creation.
  2. Resets your character to Level 1. All talent points are wiped EXCEPT talents with a permanent point in them.
  3. Resets your holdings to Level 1. All buildings are wiped.
  4. All gear is wiped EXCEPT permanent gear.
  5. All companions are wiped EXCEPT permanent companions. 
  6. All Sworn Swords are wiped EXCEPT permanent Sworn Swords. Permanent Sworn Swords have their gear removed. Removed permanent gear remains in your storage, while removed non-permanent gear is wiped.
  7. Any talent or building upgrades unlocked with gold remain unlocked, but all points are reset.
  8. All silver is wiped.
  9. All unslotted seals are wiped.
  10. All gold is retained.
  11. All food is retained.
  12. You remain in your Alliance.
  13. You retain your Power.
  14. Seals slotted into your character, permanent gear, permanent companions, and permanent Sworn Swords are retained.
  15. Your daily login count is retained.
  16. Allows you to place a single talent point into a single talent you had on your character. This talent point is permanent, and will come with you in future incarnations.


Why would I want to reincarnate?

Reincarnation is the only way to unlock all of the fealty-specific buildings. To do so, you create a character in each of the fealties, and then place a permanent talent point in the talent that unlocks their building. That way, the building remains buildable, even if your current character is a different fealty. For example, as a Stark, I can put a permanent talent point into the Hunting Lodge, letting me build it on my next incarnation, who pledged fealty to the Targaryens.

Opening up fealty buildings through reincarnation is the only way to quicken your dragon egg, since each of the five original fealties (Stark, Targaryen, Greyjoy, Lannister, and Baratheon) has a building that produces an item necessary for quickening your dragon egg.

Lastly, reincarnation allows you to start with an edge, which can be greater and greater as you slot more permanent talents into your talent trees.


When can I reincarnate?

You can only reincarnate after completing Volume One. After completing Volume One, Gammer Wilde offers you a quest to reincarnate. Follow her instructions and begin life anew!


How do I reincarnate?

To reincarnate, you first need to complete Volume One. After completing Volume One, follow Gammer Wilde's quest. Alternatively, on the web, you may reincarnate after Volume One is completed by:

  1. Clicking on your character portrait.
  2. Clicking on the Character tab of your profile.
  3. Clicking on the Lorebook tab on the top-left of your Character portrait (the Lorebook tab is tan and has a tree on it).
  4. Click the Reincarnate button.
  5. Confirm you wish to reincarnate.
  6. Choose your permanent talent point.
  7. Confirm you wish to restart. This step is final and irreversible!
  8. Begin your new life.

Please note that many of your permanent items, Sworn Swords, and talents will not show up until you have completed the prologue portion of the game.

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