What are Command Points, and how do I get more of them?

Command Points are a number of points each player receives, and which goes up every five levels. You may view your Command Points in three places:

  • By clicking on the Player to Player button - your Command Points are shown on the top-right of the screen.
  • By clicking on the Adventure Party tab in the Keep - your Command Points are shown at the top of the Adventure Party.
  • By sending out an individual Sworn Sword on an Adventure - your Command Points are listed at the top of the Adventures list.

Command Points limit how many Sworn Swords you may send out. You are capped at the number of Command Points you have, and once you reach that cap, you must wait for a Sworn Sword to finish their quest, adventure or PtP action. All three of those actions use up a Command Point.

You can only gain Command Points by increasing in level. All players start with two Command Points at level 2, three Command Points at level 5, and then gain a Command Point every five levels afterwards. For example, a player at level 50 will have 12 Command Points, and a player at level 100 will have 22 Command Points.

There is no way to gain extra command points aside from leveling. Command points do not come with you through reincarnation or restarting your character.

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