What are Titles, where do I find them, and how to I get them?

Titles are unique additions to your name. All nobles in Westeros are called Lord or Lady, but some, through their cunning, wealth, or skill in battle may acquire different titles. As Ser Gregor Clegane is called The Mountain, and Daenerys Targaryen is the Mother of Dragons, you may gain new titles through your exploits.

How do I gain titles?

Titles are principally gained through these actions:

  • Matching your background with certain alignments in the game.
    • For example, gaining the True Knight title by being a Hedge Knight, who follows the New Gods, is Truthful, and supports The Realm.
  • Competing in Alliance vs. Alliance Combat.
    • All phases of Alliance vs. Alliance Combat contain unique titles for some winning Alliances. These titles may only be gained through that phase of Alliance vs. Alliance Combat.
  • Having an alignment maxed.
    • For example, having over 90% in The Realm grant you The Staunch title.

Where do I find my titles?

To see what titles you may apply to your character, click on your Character picture, or click on the Character button on the bottom menu. That brings up the Character Profile. In your profile, click on the Character tab. Below your portrait and above your name is a drop-down box where you may select your title.


NOTE: Some titles are granted to you, but only become available if you match the conditions. For example, you cannot be a Ser and a Mercenary. 

NOTE: Titles persist through reincarnation.

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