What are King's Gifts?

What is a King's Gift?

Most of us have seen this in some form for online games. A King's Gift is a unique code that we either give to you or you generate, and after redeeming it, you receive something in the game. That something could be a unique title, some speed-ups, a unique item, silver, or anything in between. 

Other online games have used codes like these to offer special-edition pets or cosmetic items. For example, in League of Legends, special promo skins for champions are regularly given out at conventions like PAX East. We plan on doing similar promotions at events we attend, and creating codes for special contests in the game!


How do I get a King's Gift?

That’s easy! Some gifts will be given out by Disruptor Beam at conventions or special events. Look for some limited-edition or unique items at future shows we attend. Codes will also be given out to contest winners and as raffles for our players. Lastly, some promotions will let you visit a web site and grab a code.


What do I do with my code?

Log into the game, click on the Shop, and on the bottom-left of the shop is a button that says “Redeem Code.” Pop your code in the screen that comes up, and you’ll get your items.


Can I redeem my code on the iOS app?

Yes you can! You may redeem them in the Shop.


Can I get more than one code?

We built the gift page so you will only get one code, and see the same code again if you come back to the page. If you somehow get more than one code ...


Can I redeem more than one code of the same type?

Nope, only one code per gift per account. If you try to redeem your code again, or redeem a second code of the same type, you won’t receive any more items. That being said, if you accidentally try to redeem a friend’s code, it won’t invalidate that code - it just won’t give any more items.


Do codes expire?

Yes, they do. Both codes and gift pages expire, and if you wait too long, your code can’t be used anymore. The code’s expiration date will be clearly noted when you retrieve your code, or noted on any promotional material we give out.

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