What are Alliance and Member Tactics?

Tactics are a new system we’re introducing with The Long Night. Tactics allow our Alliances and their members to customize bonuses for themselves. Alliance tactics affect all Alliance members, while member tactics only affect you. And how do you unlock these tactics? Why, using prestige, of course!

Each tactic is listed in your new Tactics tab on your Alliance. Both member tactics and Alliance tactics share some characteristics. Those are:

  • A duration. Each tactic is active for a period of time. In most cases, this is three days, but this can vary from tactic to tactic.
  • A stat. Each tactic alters your character in some way. These stats vary from the familiar (speeding up your actions) to the exotic (character XP and Sworn Sword XP).
  • A cost. Each tactic costs prestige to activate. Alliance tactics require quite a bit of prestige, requiring that you collaborate with your Alliance members to unlock them. Member tactics are much cheaper.

In order to use tactics, you need to unlock your tactic slots. Every Alliance starts off with one Alliance tactic slot and one member tactic slot. By contributing prestige, you can unlock up to four member tactic slots and up to four Alliance tactic slots. These slots are one-time purchases, and last for the lifetime of the Alliance. NOTE: If you leave your Alliance, you’ll also lose your member slots and your active member tactics!

When you join an Alliance, you immediately gain their active tactic bonuses. You do not gain any member tactics when you join an Alliance - you’ll need to enable those on your own - but you will immediately get any of the Alliance’s active tactics.

When you leave an Alliance, you lose your active tactics - both member and Alliance - as well as any contributed prestige. Any non-contributed prestige - the prestige you see on the Alliance screen - stays with you, and you can use it when you join a new Alliance. Think carefully before you leave an Alliance for another one!




The Tactics tab of your Alliance consists of several parts:

  1. You may swap between your tactics and the Alliance's tactics. 
  2. Each of these four slots shows what tactic (if any) is in that spot.
  3. Each tactic has a time before it expires. After expiring, you need to re-activate your tactic.
  4. Alliance leaders can choose who may lock slots. Locked slots cannot be contributed to.
  5. The amount to unlock a slot varies based on Alliance size. After the slot is unlocked, you won't have to buy it again for the lifetime of the Alliance.
  6. You may contribute any amount of prestige to help unlock a slot. Contributions are updated in real time!
  7. Each tactic is unique and can be scrolled through below the tactics slots. Make sure you look at each tactic carefully before deciding which ones to activate!
  8. Alliance leaders may choose to lock or unlock specific tactics from contributions. That way, you can make certain no one contributes to a tactic they shouldn't. Leaders may allow the locking and unlocking of tactics to officers and members.
  9. You may contribute any amount of prestige to help unlock a tactic for the entire Alliance.


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