What is the Alliance Quartermaster?

If you’re in an Alliance, you’ll earn a Quartermaster key each day that you log in. This key allows you to open one of the Quartermaster’s supply boxes. These boxes give you prestige and items, including some new items that can only be acquired through the Quartermaster. If you hit the prestige cap, we’ll give you another key that you can use at the Quartermaster. These two keys can be earned by any player in an Alliance.

You can only have two keys at a time, but you can have an unlimited amount of prestige and items - use your keys each day! If you have two keys, you won’t be able to get a new one until you use one of them. Keys will persist through reincarnation, just as prestige will.

You can visit the Quartermaster from the new Quartermaster tab on your Alliance. You can also visit the Quartermaster by clicking the Visit button after claiming your first key of the day. NOTE: If you are not in an Alliance, you will not be able to claim a key. Only Alliance players will be able to claim a key each day.

Opening up a supply box gives you prestige or one of many different items. You can earn anywhere from 200 to 1,000 prestige from the Quartermaster; you can earn seals; or you can earn some new, permanent, peerless items that have a very small chance of dropping. If you get one of these new items, congratulations! You are an extremely lucky person.

If you run out of keys, you can purchase another supply box for five gold. Using your daily keys at the Quartermaster is one of the main ways to earn prestige and activate your tactics.



The Quartermaster is made up of several parts:

  1. Your Supply Keys. Supply Keys are acquired each day by logging into Game of Thrones Ascent, and by hitting the prestige cap from your game actions.
  2. The possible supplies you may receive from the Quartermaster. These supplies are arranged in order from rarest (at the top) to most common (at the bottom).
  3. Open Supply Box. This consumes a supply key to open a supply box. If you have no supply keys, opening a supply box costs a small amount of gold.
  4. A description about the Quartermaster. This text explains what the Quartermaster does, and how you may interact with him.
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