What is an Alliance? What can I do in an Alliance?

An Alliance is a group of players who work together to complete quests, Alliance challenges, and compete in Alliance vs. Alliance combat. 


  • Help new players learn the ropes.
  • Complete Alliance challenges.
  • Compete in Alliance vs. Alliance Combat.
  • Chat with each other.
  • Have fun!


The Alliance UI can be intimidating. Here is a summary of what you can do as the leader of an Alliance:




  1. Your Alliance name. Your name is how other players know your Alliance. Many Alliances base their name off of the Game of Thrones TV series.
  2. Message of the Day. This is the "Home" screen of your Alliance. This shows your name, description, brief details of your Alliance, and a Message of the Day that Alliance leaders may update with important Alliance information.
  3. Members. This is a list of all members of your Alliance.
  4. Tactics. This is a list of your Alliance tactics, as well as your own tactics. You may activate, deactivate, contribute to, and customize your tactics here.
  5. Invitations. You may invite new Alliance members here.
  6. Challenges. You may contribute to and participate in Alliance challenges here.
  7. Diplomacy. Propose friendship, declare enemies, and invoke neutrality with other Alliances here.
  8. War Map. This is where the combat in Alliance vs. Alliance combat occurs. Find enemies, attack their camps, and claim victory!
  9. Camps. This is where you set up and build your Alliance camps in Alliance vs. Alliance Combat.
  10. Quartermaster. This is where you use supply keys and gold to acquire supply boxes, giving you valuable items and prestige.
  11. This is your Alliance main description. This may be customized in the Alliance Settings.
  12. This shows the leader of the Alliance. You may click on an Alliance's leader to find out more about them.
  13. Message of the Day. This is where you can customize your Message of the Day. 
  14. Alliance Settings. This is where you can customize information about your Alliance, determine whether Officers and Members may alter aspects of your Alliance, and find the invite link and ID of your Alliance.
  15. Disband Alliance. If you are the last member you may disband the Alliance.
  16. Basic Alliance information. This is publicly available information about your Alliance.
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