Updated Policy - Alliance Names

If your Alliance needs to be renamed and you are unable to do so, we will allow and assist in the renaming of an Alliance, if and only if they meet our criteria listed below:

1. if it is the first one of its name (eldest Alliance)

2. if an established or original Alliance is trying to update settings and other, duplicate-named Alliances prevent it, and if these same duplicate Alliances are inactive for fourteen or more days

3. if you believe that there was a bug or game issue that caused you to lose your name, submit a support ticket and the team will review those tickets on a case-by-case basis


- Please do not write in about your Alliance name unless you are the Leader of that Alliance.

- Please do not send in more than one ticket about your Alliance name.

- Please make ticket subject "Alliance Name".

Also please understand there may be times or circumstances for which we will not be able to change your Alliance’s name, we’ll be as fair and forthright as possible in each case. Each case may take several days or longer to review so please remain patient.

Thank you.

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