Troubles getting the game to load on web - what to do first?

For general trouble shooting and/or if you are having troubles getting the game to load, please, go through the following list below:

1. You are trying to play in Firefox or Chrome, and it’s got its most up to date version. (Chrome does not always automatically updates itself)

2. You have cleared cache and cookies, restarted the browser. (For Chrome use the "from beginning of time" option)

3. You have your Facebook Settings set to “Secure Browsing”.

4. You have 3rd Party Cookies enabled, and aren’t running a pop up blocker.

5. You are using only the link within Facebook to play:

6. You have never tried to install or run any ‘hacker’ or other software that helps expoit this or other Facebook games.

7. Your computer’s graphics card drivers are up to date.

8. Your computer’s sound card drivers are up to date.


And for good measure ensure that the following programs are also up to date :

- Flash Player - follow this link to check if it is installed properly and the version
 Java :


If you have a webshield with your antivirus software, please try to temporarily disable it while playing the game and see if that helps.

Make sure you do not have any Malware on your computer/device. There are specific programs that can help with that and that are free.


To rule out a DNS issue, you could try switching to Google free public DNS and see if it improves things for you.
The instructions on how to do that can be found here:


If the answer to all this is “yes” then please let us know if you still can’t get in at all by contacting Customer Support through the "Submit a Support Ticket" at the top of the page. Explain all the steps that you have previously taken and what message you are seeing when trying to access the game.




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