How can I diagnose and troubleshoot DNS issues?

Some players may see issues with resolving the DNS hostname for Game of Thrones Ascent. We have looked at some examples, and in each case it appears to be an issue with international players who are having difficulty connecting to our DNS. We have confirmed that our DNS records are being propagated and that the vast majority of players can connect with no issues.

How can you troubleshoot this issue? Try these tips:


  • Try to do a lookup of our name server, and see if that resolves. To do this in Windows, open up the command prompt and type in "NSLOOKUP" without the quotes. This will tell you whether our DNS record is resolving and whether you can connect to our DNS server.
  • If you can see our DNS server, try running a traceroute and seeing if your connection is failing at a step between yourself and our game server. You may read up on how to do a traceroute here.
  • You can try connecting through one of our other portals, such as Facebook or
  • You may also try manually switching to Google's free, public DNS server through this link. 

If all of this fails, submit a support ticket with the country you are located in, your IP address, results from a traceroute, and results from a NSLOOKUP. We'll take your request and try to assist you further.

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