I play Game of Thrones Ascent on a mobile device, how do I register an account?

Important: if you want to keep the game that is currently saved on your device, choose a platform on which you do not already have a game account. (Game Center is not a valid platform)

Any existing game account already created on either Facebook or Disruptorbeam will overwrite the current device account.


Registering a new game account MUST be done from WITHIN the app/game.

Go to the Options tab and select the platform where you would like to create your account. 
While it states to log in to an existing account, which can be confusing, do not go on the Web to create an account.
As you do not already have an account, you will be prompted to create a new one.

Follow the instructions to create your account, use a valid email (school and/or work email addresses are not recommended) to Register.

For Facebook:  make sure you are logged in in your OWN  Facebook account on the device before choosing Facebook Connect.

Once this is done, your game will be saved on our servers and you will be able to play on your device or via your browser on any computer.

You can log out at anytime using the Logout button in the Options tab. 

Logging out will return you to the device version of the game.




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