Workaround for iPad Crash Issue - May 22, 2014

Update for iPad Crashing issue:

We’ve been working with Kongregate to get a fix in place but it’s taking longer than expected. They have offered us a potential workaround if you’re willing to try it:

“We identified a potential work-around for players experiencing the crash:
Download Tyrant Unleashed, Cardinal Quest 2, or Endless Boss Fight (CQ2 is the smallest download)
Launch that game and wait 30 seconds
Close the game
Open GoTA
If there are still issues and the player has a Kong account, the player may experiment with logging in/out of Kongregate within the downloaded game and then re-trying GoTA.”

Please let me know if you do try what the results are, please.

If you choose to wait, we expect a new build to be out within a few days with the fix.


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