Support response times and recommendations

We understand the frustration with Support current response time.
We are doing our best to get it back down and to that effect we have a new team member.

Current response time: is about 8 business days (will be updated as needed)

How to help us help you:

  • - register to zendesk and always log in to check on your tickets or to update them
  • - update your ticket if it is additional information about the issue you wrote about
  • - submit a new ticket if it is another issue
  • - mention your account number, preferably the one for which you are submitting the ticket
  • - use the proper issue type, it really helps 
  • - be clear, precise and relevant.

By relevant I mean give us all the information we need:

- Stuck Sworn Swords: where, doing what, names.
- Unresponsive quests: name of the quests in question
- Problem with a purchase: screenshots of the receipt
- Screenshots are to be added in .jpg .bmp or .png format directly to the email. Do not put them in a .doc it makes it harder for us and sometimes unreadable.

You get the idea smile

Following those simple guidelines will cut on the back and forth and greatly improve response time.

Thank you for your patience and your collaboration in this.

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