iOS - I made an in-app purchase and have not received it, it shows as not being downloaded.

When this happens, try the following:

**Important**: Before proceeding make sure you register an account with us first so your game is saved on our servers.
There is a very useful thread about this in our official forums you can use for reference:


  1. Please turn your device off and on again and relaunch the game and see if this clears the "download" error for you.

  2. If the error persists the next step is to uninstall and re-install the game (again, it is important that your account is registered so you do not lose your data). You can then log back in with the platform that you registered with to recover your game and the error should be gone.

  3. If the currency does not appear in your game please send us a ticket explaining the situation, the steps you took and add a copy of your receipt. We will then verify the purchase and credit your account.

    We accept as receipt: either a screenshot of the purchase as found in your purchase history in iTunes (requires a computer) or a screenshot of the email confirmation related to that purchase.

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