Build Notes 1.1.365 - September 28, 2015

Hello Bannermen!

We are pushing your weekly build this morning!

Breaking Ties Chapter 7 comes to you in this build! Your visions came from shade of the evening, the drug of the warlocks of Qarth. To learn why, are you willing to go to the far side of the world? Play through Chapter 7: The Far Side of the World today!

Congratulations to all who participated in the 3rd Slaver’s Bay tale! Our next tale will start Wednesday September 30th at 11am EDT (15:00 UTC). It will be a third run of the original Arya and the Hound Tale, with some new titles and items, alongside some more free gold and threshold rewards!

Be sure to check out the new Epic Armor recipes! There are four new ones: Jon Snow’s Armor, Lord Commander; The Silent Kingsguard Armor; Lord Protector Baelish’s Coat; and the Violet Robes of the Spider!

This week is another 300% PtP XP week! Also, enjoy the higher limit on hostile PtP actions! You can now send out 15 in a 24 hour period!

Fixes & Improvements
—Added content to prepare for the Arya and the Hound tale!
  —Three new Peerless Item Rewards: Arya’s Braavosi Coin, Lightning Lord’s Eyepatch, Brotherhood Without Banners Outlaw.
  —Three new titles: The Wolfblooded, Brother/Sister without Banners, Resilient.
  —Your Arya and the Hound items still work in this Tale, and will still grant you bonuses when equipped.
—300% XP to PtP attacks continues this week!
  —This temporary bonus will extend through to the end of the week!
—Added four new Epic Armor recipes!
  —Jon Snow’s Armor, Lord Commander can be crafted in the Treasury!
  —The Silent Kingsguard Armor can be crafted in the Holdfast!
  —Lord Protector Baelish’s Coat can be crafted in the Treasury!
  —Violet Robes of the Spider can be crafted in the Workshop!
—Leaderboard Rewards for the Slaver’s Bay 3 Tale have been corrected to items that grant bonuses to Arya and the Hound tales.
—The Old Bear’s Armor has been added to the shop!
  —This item can be used to evolve into Jon Snow’s Armor, Lord Commander.

Other Content
—Added the Old Favorites pack to the shop at a 60% discount!
  —I will not become a page in someone else’s history book.
  —Gain a random peerless weapon, armor, or companion.
—Added the Armory pack back to the shop for 13 gold!
  —A very small man can cast a very large shadow.
  —Gain 40 uncommon items.
—Added the Espionage pack to the shop at a 20% discount!
  —What we don’t know is what usually gets us killed.
  —Gain a peerless weapon, armor, companion, and 12 peerless seals.
—Added the Marauders pack to the shop at a 20% discount!
  —Them that’s dying, just cut their throats and be done with it. Or leave them if you’ve not the stomach, and I’ll sort them meself.
—Gain a peerless weapon, armor, companion, and 12 peerless seals.
—The AvA stat on the Dracarys boon has been changed to a PtP one!

Known Issues
- The following recipes are currently unavailable for Android:
  - 10x Keepsakes recipe in the Great Hall
  - Uncommon recipes in Village Center
- After enabling a tactic to produce two items at the Smithy, Embassy, or Market, it does not stack with the “Produce X” upgrades. This will be fixed in a future build.
- After enabling a tactic to produce two items at the Smithy, Embassy, or Market, players need to refresh to see the Produce 2 button.
- Alliance Message of the Day requires two line breaks for a break, and three for a blank line.
- Boons are currently not available on Quests on Android.
- Players should not reincarnate while being active in Alliance Challenges that they initiated.
- The lorebook is incorrectly displaying some volumes as complete for some players.

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