Patch Notes - November 18, 2015

In preparation for this week’s Tale, we decided to move some value around in the rewards - specifically, keep the value but adjust the items to gold ratio. As this is now the 4th run of the Dragon Queen Tale, we thought it would be a lot more meaningful to have items as well as gold to ‘refresh’ the Tales a bit for you.

We realized today that the added items are not showing up in rewards list yet, and the change was missed in the build notes. We’re rectifying both things now. We do apologize that this was not communicated with you before the Tale began.

Thank you to everyone that brought it to our attention.

Some highlights in the updated rewards include:
— Two tiers of rewards have been divided into smaller groups.  Rank 101-500 has been split into 101-250 and 251-500. Rank 1001-2500 has been split into 1001-1500 and 1501-2500.
— We have significantly increased the reward items geared towards the next Tale. Many ranks will see double the number of items gained.
— Tales Tokens have been increased for most ranks.
— Flawless Black Gems will be received by everyone up to rank 250, instead of just rank 100.
— Ranks 4-10 have gotten a boost with 5 pyres instead of 2, and then an additional 3 Peerless non-tale Items.
— Ranks 11-50 get an additional Peerless non-tale Item and 3 Peerless non-tale seals.
— The additional non-tale Peerless Items continue down to rank 250, and the Peerless Seals continue to all the way to rank 2500.

We are always open to feedback and carefully listening so that we can continue to improve the experience.

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